No Schedule A or C Required for Most Self-Funded Health Plans

In general, there is no Schedule A requirement for a self-funded plan. Schedule A is used to report on insurance information. If an entity does not provide insurance, there is no Schedule A reporting requirement with respect to the group contract.

Schedule A reporting of a stop-loss policy on Form 5500 is required when the stop-loss policy is an asset of the plan (e.g. funded via a trust).

Likewise, any self-insured plan that qualifies under Technical Release 92-01 is not required to file a Schedule C. That includes self-insured plans that are not funded through a trust and which take EE contributions pre-tax through a cafeteria plan. It is more common for self-insured plans to pay claims through the company’s general assets and take employee contributions pre-tax therefore they rarely have a Schedule C requirement.

The purpose of a Schedule C is to report fees of $5,000 or more paid out of trust or plan assets to a vendor who provided services to the ERISA Plan. Its purpose is not to report self-funded fees or commissions paid (unless paid out of the trust).

A self-funded plan is though represented on the 5500 by virtue of a benefit code (e.g. 4A for medical on line 8B) and by checking general assets in 9a/b.

Why does it matter?

The DOL has indicated that including a Schedule C can be a red flag, as they then look for the other trust reporting elements, i.e. the Schedule H and audit. 

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